HD Hardly Detectable Retractable Screens

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HD Hardly Detectable Retractable Screens

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Retractable Screen Doors Mirage® HD Hardly Detectable Retractable Screens

Retractable Screen Doors

Single Entry ■ French Doors ■ In-swing Doors ■ Glass Sliding Doors

Mirage® retractable screen doors will help keep your family healthy and comfortable, and your home attractive. You will naturally cool your home by opening the doors and cut those rising energy bills in the process!

Here are just a few of the features of Mirage® retractable screens:

For additional information call: Jake Shirk 503.739.2315

Mirage’s internal moving parts have been treated with a long lasting, temperature resistant lubricant to allow smooth movement while preventing corrosion and annoying squeaks. Its central shaft rotates in a silicon brass bushing allowing it to withstand hundreds of thousands of cycles without wearing of crucial parts.

Mirage routinely cycle tests its product up to 250,000 cycles. What does this mean in the real world? Based on you using your door 10 times per day, all year long, this would be the equivalent of almost 69 years of use. The best quality product possible with the longest trouble free life available, and in an easy to use package that fits with the home's décor.

Brochure is available in two formats jpg and pdf. Select jpg to view pdf to download:

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Screen Door Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Retractable Window Screens HD Hardly Detectable Retractable Screens

Retractable Window Screens

In-swing Casement ■ Out-swing Casement ■ Tilt-out

Mirage® retractable window screens are perfect for ANY window where you don’t want fixed screens to interfere with a beautiful view.

At last, a window screening solution that fits with the elegance and décor of your home! Like Mirage Retractable Screen Doors, your Mirage Retractable Window Screen is built to last!

For additional information call: Jake Shirk 503.739.2315


Adjustable Spring Tension A highly tensioned screen to resist wind. Your screen is installed to open and close exactly as you choose.

Fray Resistant Screen

Heavy Duty Roller Tube Provides smooth running operation.

Optional Features

Bumper Stripping
Protects small fingers from being accidentally pinched.

Thermal Reinforced Screen Edges



Power Screens HD Hardly Detectable Retractable Screens

Retractable Power Screens

Porches ■ Gazebos ■ Lanais■Garage ■ High-rise Balcony

Remote controlled Mirage Power Screens for windows, doors and larger openings let you add new dimensions to your home or commercial space.

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Seven Standard Colors

White and black retractable screen doors are the most popular but Mirage also carries standard colors in cream, wood, grey, and two shades of brown.

Standard Colors HD Hardly Detectable Retractable Screens

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Ten Wood Grain

Choice of ten different wood screen door finishes so you can keep your home or vacation cottage warm and inviting with a beautiful matching wood grain color.

Download PDF Wood Grain Colors
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Designer Colors

Choice of twenty-five different of the latest designer colors to match just home or business color schemes. All finishes are formulated to resist UV rays and salt spray

Download PDF Designer Colors
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Custom Colors

Can’t Find The Retractable Screen Door Color You Want?

Custom color option, allows you to create a personalized retractable screen door color in any color shade and practically every color hue imaginable. You pick the screen door color you want and we will custom create it for you.


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HD Hardly Detectable Retractable Screens

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